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Noone wanted to help in any way when my wallet was stolen and house was robbed in the same day and all my bill money was stolen for the month. I brought in the police report to show them and they said there was nothing they could do because the loan was too new (it was the 3rd or 4th payment). They repeatedly called all my references including my mother and my job and all my friends just for being one month behind. They kept threatening to repo my vehicle. I told them I would make my regular scheduled payments and try to catch up the one payment I was behind as fast as I could and After a month and a half of harassment from them I told them if they had such a problem with the situation then come get the car and they did not hesitate. So then they sold the car for way less than it was worth. Bottom line is these were the most ignorant unhelpful people I have ever delt with in customer service. I've heard this from a couple of other people also. I would never recommend this company for anything to anyone

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