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Citizens Bank has no regard for vulnerable populations such as elderly people with ********** and other cognitive issues. They feign ignorance about the unique needs of older populations, and are complicit in elder financial abuse by allowing known offenders to continue to steal money from elder accounts. It is shameful and a testament to their corporate philosophy of profit above people at all cost, that they would be so shallow and apathetic about this issue. Their reckless and unprofessional behavior, as well as their willful blindness and neglect has caused irreparable harm to the most fragile of our society. Shame on you Citizens Bank. The retail store at 731 Morrissey Blvd. Dorchester, MA in particular, is emblematic of a clear systematic recklessness and disregard for those who entrust them with their resource. Unprofessional and lacking an moral compass. Unbelievable.
If I could give zero stars, I absolutely would. I have been banking with Citizens since I was 18-years-old, then they were ******* ***. I've had to call customer service a couple of times since then; first to replace my debit card and the second time to resolve an issue regarding unauthorized charges on my account. Both times they were absolutely no help whatsoever, but the nightmare I've been through this week is the absolute final straw for me with Citizens. I'm in the process of moving into my first apartment this weekend, which is supposed to be an exciting experience. Citizens fixed that. My landlord had initially sent my roommate the request through ***** to pay him, so I transferred my half of the payment to her through *****, which was $1,000. Turns out her credit union doesn't support *****, so we had to go there and withdraw the full amount - $1,620 - in cash so I could put it in my Citizens account and make the transfer myself. That was when the fun began: Roadblock #1: I couldn't send the money because Citizens had to verify my identity to use the service, which I'd already done - TWICE - when I signed up for ***** through Citizens. Roadblock #2: I needed to have my daily transfer limit raised - I didn't even know there was one - and was told by the supervisor/technician that performed the increase that I'd simply have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to take in the system, then I'd be able to make the transfer, no problem. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. 30 minutes. Still couldn't send the money. Roadblock #3: I called customer service again the same night I had my daily limit raised and spoke to a representative who kept interrupting me and talking over me. When he finally DID shut up and let me talk (after I told him to do so), he didn't seem to listen to a word I'd said. Making me reiterate the problem in four different ways before he understood what was going on, then telling me I left out information when I hadn't in a borderline scolding tone. Anyway, when he came to a resolution, it was that I had to wait until tomorrow morning in order to make the transfer after the system did its overnight process, because while my daily limit was increased, the $1,000 I had sent my roommate hadn't cleared in the system, so it was putting me over my limit. This was probably something that the supervisor/technician who did the increase in the FIRST PLACE should have told me. Roadblock #4: First thing this morning, I opened up my Citizens app to make the transfer, now that the system had processed. Surprise! I still couldn't do anything! So I called customer service YET AGAIN. The representative told me that everything was cleared on her end, and I shouldn't still be getting an error message, so she gave me the direct line for the supervisors/technicians to call after 8 AM. The Final Blow: I called and spoke to another supervisor/technician, who asked me if the ***** request I was sent was under a businesses name or my landlord. And of course, it's under his business account because why wouldn't it be? He's a landlord who manages multiple properties? OH BUT APPARENTLY CITIZENS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO PAY BUSINESSES THROUGH *****. YOU'RE ONLY ALLOWED TO PAY INDIVIDUALS. I THANKFULLY was able to work out a deal with my landlord to pay him with a cashier's check instead, which despite being an "old-fashioned" method, it was the EASIEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN THIS ENTIRE ORDEAL. The combination of Citizens and ***** made what is supposed to be an exciting experience an absolute nightmare. The amount of internal disorganization and miscommunication is deplorable for a financial institution. At this point, I have absolutely no more trust in this place, and at my earliest convenience, I will be banking elsewhere. PS I'm writing this review here because Citizens only allows you to submit "general comments and concerns" in only 1020 characters or less on their website...but then conveniently logs you out so you can't finish.
Less than one star! Worst bank , representatives don't know the policies. Got a new car loan need payments set for end of month. First I was told no issues, now they charged a late fee and said payment wasn't changed this month. This is a new account setup not impressed with your poor business and people who talk policy but don't even know how to use a computer and setup accounts correctly. This is damaging to my credit score having late payments on new account reported. Very disappointed.
Citizens Bank is the worst bank ever!! Thursday the 10th after hours I went to an actual Branch went into the branch to use the ATM and the ATM stole $180 from me I immediately called customer care I was informed that if the money wasn't in my account that next morning to call immediately so I did I received a reference number and opened a claim to get my $180 back I was told 7 to 10 days I also called the actual branch and told the gentleman my situation and he said as soon as someone came to fix the ATM I should have my money back most likely by Monday or Tuesday so come Monday the money was not back. I contacted customer care yet again several times because the ATM had since been fixed and yet the money was still not in my account it is now been 15 actual days since the incident and 9 business days according to them I must have called 8 * all together I just got off the phone with them yet again and was told I will not have my money until next Tuesday almost 3 weeks I was also told my actual claim was an opened until Monday the 14th when I was given a claim number the Friday before this bank is an absolute joke in the past year alone I've had three incidents with them screwing up my account and holding my money hostage I do not recommend this bank to anyone they don't care about their customers or their customers needs!!! Oh and did I forget to mention I already filed the complaint with Citizens Bank against itself! I was told different stories by several different people every time I call it seems I have to wait longer and longer to receive my money back
I was pushed into using Citizens One when my loan was sold to them in May. I have been with them for almost 9 months now and so far they have made mistakes in processing 5 out of 9 payments, each of which requires me to spend an hour or two checking the numbers and talking with them on the phone. Then the resolution for these items is always super slow to apply, sometimes requiring follow up to ensure that the correction is actually applied. What should have been 9 transactions in my account history is now a jumbled mess of 46 different transactions. 46 transactions in only 9 months. Wow! Don't even bother with using their internal (secure messaging) system. It will take days to get a reply and you will frequently get a canned response coupled with a reply to information that is out of date or not what you wrote to them about. You can call them, only during weekday hours, but don't expect that even they can understand their system. And as to calling in, see above. If you have a choice, avoid them like the plague. If not, then I am so sorry that you are stuck with them. I truly am.
My father has a home equity loan with Citizen’s Bank. He makes a $250.00 payment every month towards the interest on the account. He goes into the branch and pays cash every month. However, he asked his daughter to go into the branch and give the payment in the month of November 2018. The representative handed the money back to her and told her that they can not accept the payment and that they needed to call a certain number and speak to a representative to explain. When they called, they were advised that the account delinquent status. They told them that their rated changed in June 2018 to $368.36 a month. They never received a statement or a letter explaining that the rate had changed. They also explain that they have gone to a branch maybe a year ago and faxed them a letter to asked them to send them out statements. The father is on a fixed income and is now looking to do a reverse mortgage but that has been put on hold because Citizen’s Bank will not give us the bank statements from June 2018 – December 2018, to prove that Citizen’s Bank accepted to $250.00 payment from June 2018 – December 2018. Citizen’s Bank also put the account in Bankruptcy status. My father filed bankruptcy in October 2016. The house was not on the bankruptcy. The judge dismissed the bankruptcy in June 2017. We believe Citizen’s Bank in violation of Regulation B (Age), Regulation Z and Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Act Practices Compliance. Citizen’s Bank needs to be held accountable for taking advantage of a senior citizen who’s attempted loan can not go threw due to a money hungry lending institution who does not want to see that they, the bank, are wrong.
I have had Citizens Bank for 15 years but am closing my accounts now after the bank handled a fraud situation poorly. A fraudulent check was cashed using my checking about information. This brought my account to $0. I filed Claim #1 to report fraud and closed the account to prevent it from happening again. A week later, another fraudulent check was cashed using the SAME bank account that was supposedly closed, bringing my account now negative hundreds of $$$. I filed Claim #2 to report the fraud and ask how this was possible even though the account had been closed? The banks repsonse was that the account had not been purged from the system, and they would put it in a credit only status to prevent it from happening again. My question was, why had the account not been put in credit only status to begin with? I was told that Claim #1 and Claim #2 would be addressed within 6-8 weeks. 4 weeks later, I received an affadavit in the mail to sign. I thoght this was part of the process, so I signed the paperwork and mailed back immediately. 6 weeks later I called to check the status of the claims, and they said they had just received my affidavits and would begin working on the process. After 6 WEEKS. In the meantime, my account was hundreds of $$$ in negatives. I soon received an alert that a deposit had been made into my checking account. I thought this was the reimbursement, but quickly found out that the money in my savings account had been moved into my checking account to correct the balance! I called the bank, where I was referred to the Collections Department. They apologized for the mistake, saying that the Fraud Department had not communicated my claims to them. I asked them to correct the problem immediately, because I now had NO money at all left in either my checking OR saving accounts now. They said the best they could do was 48 hours. I waited, and thankfully my money was returned the next day, but there was no excuse for this, especially after my original hardships. At 6 weeks, I am still waiting to reimbursed for the fraud with no updates from the bank. This has caused me and my family extreme financial and emotional hardship. After 15 years of banking with Citizens, I will be closing my accounts and moving on.
When you purchase ****** monitoring service the equipment you use is financed through Citizens One Bank for xx # of months. When you sell you home, I was told, you can transfer the loan to another person upon them being approved for the loan. WRONG. I was told in November 2018 that I could transfer the loan on my ****** monitoring equipment to the new home buying without any problem. Now, one week out from closing, Citizens One Bank, is saying that the person I talked to in November didn't know what they were talking about and I couldn't transfer the loan. ***!!! Now I am stuck paying off a $800 bill for equipment that I will no longer be using. Moral of the story, do NOT get ****** Monitoring service and absolutely do not finance anything through Citizens One Bank.
I deposited my wife check on Saturday Jan.26,2019 , today Jan.29 Citizen bank telling me the Money will be posted on my account on Feb.4, called few times their customer service first told me the money will be available right away after few hours did not happend , called again now one supervisor tells me they are afraid the money may return because of insufficient fund which is B.S since *** already released the money and other Supervisor says they don't have the money , playing game with people's money , hey Citizen Bank this is 2019 not 1980 you can not do banking let someone else do it , I want my money
I am a graduate student in Boston MA attempting to finish a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. To obtain this degree you are required to do 2 unpaid internships. I am in my second internship working with at risk youth in inner-city Boston. Not only is the internship unpaid, but it costs A LOT of money as it is part of the degree program. Consequently, I am dependent on financial aid to pay rent, bills, food, etc. My account at citizens became over drawn in January 2019. I reasoned that, when I received my financial aid via direct deposit into my citizen's account, the balance would be covered and I could pay rent, bills, etc. On 2/11/19 I received electronic notification that my school had send $8,000 plus dollars via direct deposit to my Citizens account. I checked my account. It was no longer over drawn, but the balance was $0. I called and was told, "We closed your account because it was over drawn for too long." I received NO notification that the account was closed. 2/11/19 was the first time I was told, "Our recovery department will send a check to the address we have on file once we check and make sure the funds are good, please hold." I was put on hold. The staff person came back and said, "Funds are verified. We will get a check in the mail to you tomorrow. It is now 2/28. We have turned of internet, electricity, heat, and hot water to save money. Let me tell you, living in Boston without heat in the winter is rough. A good side effect is that I've dropped 2 sizes in the past month because I can't afford food. Poverty is truly the best diet. I am not naive enough to think Citizen's bank cares about any of these circumstances, but I thought they would keep their word, stop holding my school funds hostage, and would send me my check when they first promised... not said... but PROMISED, they would, which was 2/11/19. I was just informed not 5 minutes ago that the check was never sent. (Keep in mind, I have called at least 7 times since that first call on 2/11, each time being met with the same process, "Please hold while we verify the funds, funds are verified, we are emailing to have your check sent immediately). Now, facing eviction, I have consulted legal advice. It seems I will have to drop out of school (I was only supposed to have 3 months until I graduate by the way), so that I can work a paid job. It is too late to withdraw from the semester with courses refunded. So, I will be paying for not one, but two extra semester of school because I will have to restart my second internship. in the fall. Citizen's bank, in one month, has exposed me to living without heat and electricity in the cold New England winter. Citizen's bank has provided me with the experience of living in true poverty. Citizen's bank has triggered a depression so intense, I have been prescribed **** ********* which are drastically affecting multiple parts of my psyche. Citizen's bank has pushed my relationship with my partner to the breaking point. I wish citizen's bank had been honest from day one. I wish when I asked, "Can you set up a checking account with NO over draft fees? e.g., if I don't have the funds, the purchase is declined?" Citizen's bank said "Yes." This was a lie. I wish Citizen's bank had told me they were going to close my account. They never did. I wish citizen's bank didn't lie about sending me a check. This lie caused me to lie to my landlord who has reached the end of his grace. Citizen's bank has walked me through what has been the worst banking experience of my life. The side effects of this experiences will be affecting my life for the foreseeable future. As I go public with my story via *******, ********, *********, I leave my comments here for the edification of other young professionals seeking higher education who do not come from money or privilege. This bank will add to your stress and steal your money. Look elsewhere. Any place else. Horrible horrible horrible experience.

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