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Stay away, I wanted to refi my current home and they turned this experience into a nightmare, i had 2 appraisals which i had to pay for, after the first appraisal i was never told in detail what they wanted corrected so when they came back the actual appraser told me what she was lookin for, i wasnt going to pay again. so i wasted over 600 bucks on something that could have been rectified by a conversation .Never again and i am a real estate agent so i know the business.
Stay away from this Lender. Terrible, paid for appraisal in January, 2017, and with all the delays had to reapply for the loan and then in August they said they could not lend the money because of the condition of the home. They knew the condition of the home in January and let this go on for seven months. Further, they knew it was a loan so the home could be remodeled. Do not use this bank, ripoff.
This bank is the worst I have ever dealt with. What was a simple refinance turned into a 7 month ordeal. I was told to get a certain document, would get it, then was told by my agent's supervisor that they needed something different. I got the constant runaround by the person I was working with. An appraiser was sent to my house 3 times and each time gave them the same report regarding my house which was fine. This resulted in paying for each visit. I was told on no less than 6 occasions that we were ready to close and nothing happened. In one instance I was sent a text in the morning saying the closing would be that afternoon. Before I had a chance to read that text a new message was sent saying no closing that date. Things didn't get moving until I threatened to notify state and federal banking and mortgage lending offices of the government. Sum it up this took so long to process and get things together that the window on the initial appraisal expired and another (new) appraisal was needed. After my threats they did agree to pay for the last appraisal. However, due to the delays I lost the rate I locked in at twice. Guess who stood to make more money with each lapse of rate times and a hike in the rate that occurred as a result. STAY AWAY FROM THIS LENDER!!!!!
STAY AWAY! Applied for a Home Equity Loan and was approved. Stephen ****** informed me about the process and what was needed. After two months of running in circles asking for the same information over and over again, I decided I wanted to cancel the process. Seth Ainsworth then gets involved and says he's going to take over the process because of how things had been mishandled up to that point. Magically my loan amount drops, my credit is being checked multiple times, and their trying to pay off my car loan. There was never an issue with my DTI ratio but no explanation could be given. They also denied checking my credit 3 times. Very rude on the phone once you start calling them out about wasting time. STAY FAR AWAY FROM HOWARD BANK!

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