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In may of 2016 I borrowed a loan from bay country in Easton md. I paid on the loan and in august my child's father took over the payments in place of paying child support. He actually never paid on the loan and I was unaware of this. Bay country did not contact me by phone mail or email. One day I was at work and a guy came inside and asked for me. He showed me paper work from the company stating he was repoeing the car. I called bay country and they told me the loan had not been paid in 3 months. I asked why they did not contact me and she lied and said she did. I never received the proper paper work in the mail prior to the repo. Now here it is September of 2017 and I am just now 2 months behind. The guy frank called me and stated my car was out for repo. I politely told him I was going to make a payment tomorrow but if he wanted to come get th car he could since it was totaled. He became very rude and starting cursing at me. He told me "I'll just take your ******* *** to court and sue you". He then procceded to call me a dead beat not once but numerous times. I hung up on him because I was so stunned by what this business man had just said to me. After awhile I called back and told him he could file the paper work and take me to court because I would never deal with him again. He then wanted to apologize to me but after what he said there is no apologizing. This is by far The worst company I have ever dealt with.
Its been two years since I received a loan from Bay Country a $2000.00 that ended up being $4000.00 loan. I became homeless in April, but managed to make a payments. I contacted Bay Country and informed them of the hardship I was having and I was behind. My payments are $150.00 a month and made a payment in April to get caught up from the previous months of $300.00 again I informed them of my hardship. As of today I owed them for May and June, but for some reason they claim I didn't pay for April. They repo my car on Friday and I called that morning to find out what I needed to pay to get my car back. The receptionist informed me that they had no confirmation that my vehicle was towed but gave me the number to the recovery company they use, but only to find out that they don't operate over the weekend. Bay Country has now charged me $150 dollars from April to June and late fees of 36.00 a month late fees, $25 each certified mail fee for each time they sent out mail to an address that I no longer lived at that they sent out four times totaling $100 and the and additional $100 for Administrative fees. Then to get my vehicle from the recovery company will cost me and additional $500. No tow that I know of will cost you $500. This company is a rip off and are really not here to help but to merely make your hardship worse all in with the intentions of hoping you cant make your payments so they can sale your vehicle for a profit. I DONT RECOMMENT ANYONE TO TAKE A LOAN FROM THIS BUSINESS YOU WILL REGRET IT.

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