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Arian Credit has done nothing to help me with saving my house from foreclosure. They have collected $2,500 from me, and then requested another $1,000 before they submit any of my paperwork to lawyers and vendors. I did not sign any binding contract regarding their services, nor is there any contract at all, so when I requested my money back, proof of documentation, receipts, policies, they refused. I realized that all they were doing was a loan modification, which I could have done on my own, without paying the $2,500 for their poor services. Their customer service is rude, I have not received documentation I requested, they have not complied to my requests, they keep telling me my file is in "review", they are a total SCAM! I've told them I want all communication done via email so I can have record of what's going on, and they continued to call my phone. I have a long a long email chain to prove what kind of customer service experience I've had with them. All I wanted was a refund because they took my money and did NOTHING!

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