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Horrible! I was prompted to take this course through our local Workforce Development office, with an expectation that it would make me more marketable. I was so disgusted after just one week into the course, I complained to my workforce case manager. They spent over $2700 for this CMA course, with a Phlebotomy component. The instructor was awful! So unqualified to teach the course, not using all the course materials, only lecturing to the powerpoint slides that accompany the book. She was supposedly a healthcare worker(RN), but could not even pronounce words like Hippocrates! We did not have the necessary supplies to do the requisite lab classes, even down to having no soap in the classroom for hand washing! She ignored the class schedule, doubling up lessons, reading more chapters than designated and giving quizzes early. She took four days off, so we simply had no class, which is why she doubled up the class load. Others at the college said the instructors are supposed to get substitutes if they cannot teach. Suffice to say we did not have the requisite 140 hours of class time! When did the Phlebotomy portion, we had used supplies that did not function and we never were properly taught how to do draws on humans! We could not do blood pressure properly since we did not have cuffs large enough for most of the class of "big" students. We could not point of care testing with glucose meters cause we had no test strips. The list goes on! After the class ended, but before our NHA certification exams, the college offered students a "refresher" course and a new exam date. Several students had complained to the college about how bad the course was. A handful of us opted to take the refresher, but at least this instructor was professional, informative and utilized notes! We learned more in four weeks with her than in the entire four month class! We passed the NHA certification exams. I was assigned an externship at a local family practice. I interviewed with the Office Manager in early March, the week I took my exams. She indicated that other students were using all the spaces she had and I would have to wait a few weeks to start my externship. I let her know I had full availability and could work full time when placed, thus able to complete the 160 hours indicated in one month. While the office is not paying for students to work there, workforce development does offer us min wage compensation. I put off looking for work, so I could remain committed to the assignment, as the person from CCI coordinating externships said that we had to agree to do it. Now it's MAY, I'm broke and STILL waiting to go there. I finally got a return phone call from the lady today and basically she is no longer willing to accept any CCI students. She said the last round of students were so inept, not even capable of basic skills like taking blood pressure properly, that it took them a lot longer to complete their hours. She said the CCI person told her last week that they had given me another placement. News to me! I have heard NOTHING from them in two weeks since I wrote her an email about the fact I was still waiting to go there. Her response was more BS about serving the students who first returned their paperwork(Never mind the fact that I was not even on her original class list and never got the email everyone else got about externships way back in November! Had I not been comparing notes with a classmate, I would not have known.) Now they are serving a new round of students and have very few slots! So, I'm out of luck for the hands on I expected from the course! Oh, by the way, there are very few openings for UNSKILLED, inexperienced CMAs in our area! Right now, I am working part time for Manpower in the food services department of an assisted living facility. They dismissed my application for care giver in one day, probably because the certifications I've just wasted the past several months to obtain are actually USELESS in the industry here! I don't know why I thought this class would help! Don't waste your effort, time or money on this scam!! They rip you off and KNOW they are not contributing anything to improving our workforce! Government agencies, BEWARE! Do NOT waste your resources on this! When everyone needs LICENSED, college educated practitioners like RNs or LPNs, what is the point of spending money on programs like this that waste students time and will not make them more employable?

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