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We service the following area(s): New Jersey
Incredibly effective service. I was declined a few times when I was trying to get my own financing. Everything was fast and efficient. I got an estimated approval then sent in a few docs. I literally had a small team of people working on my file. I received more than the pre-approval and was able to take cash out. I highly recommend.
I can honestly say I learned the true level of integrity of Iron Capital. I had a Client who I'm now discovering is a really bad person. He's in a few desparate situations and tends to lie and manipulate people when he's after something. It's clear and his emails and text he is mentally ill. Unlike most of the people My Client has dealt with, Iron Capital was patient with him. He was sending long emails about stuff outside of the deal among other things. While most people would have been mean and caused home, Iron Capital took their time to explain things and get him money even when he had very poor credit. They were able to get him funded. However, to avoid paying the backend fee that's not out of pocket, the Client started lying about Iron Capital causing his credit scores to drop. Because his credit score was so poor, Iron Cap made one inquiry to Penfed and was able to get funding. Upon reviewing his report we discovered that he made over 16 inquiries for loans and he was the cause of his score dropping. Even when dealing with him lying, both Kyle and Angelo, we absolutely kind and explained how he was the issues. I have been Partners with Iron Capital for 2 years and I can tell you they have been Awesome! This Client has been a Client from hell and lies all the time, but in the mist of a bad situation, Iron Capital showed me that they are truly professional in every sense of the word. Not one time did they discriminate or become angry with the Customer. They still treated the customer with understanding and respect. Please if you plan to work with them, pay attention to what the rules and policy are. And if you have inquired about loans before meeting them, check yourself, because often after your receive money it shows up on your report and thus it's your fault your scores dropped. Be honest about your own errors and stop blaming others for your own mistakes. I rarely write reviews and only do so when I've been impressed.
Working with Angelo and michael, was a pleasure. they were able to help me right along. Being a victim if ID theft by a family for over 20 years, and dealing with recently getting control of my identity again, and having shaky scores, they were able to lead me in all the right directions to get me the funding to get my start up business up and running I also look forward to working with them again in the months to come
I had a great experience with Iron Capital. They were professional and they did whatever it took to help me obtain the resources I needed for my business. Michael, Angelo, Erin were great. They deliver an excellent customer service. I will be using their service over and over for years to come. Thank you for the excellent experience Michael. Thanks
I was told that I was approved for $20k. I was under the impression that this would be a business loan. I wasn't made aware that I had to apply for a personal line of credit. After I was approved, I had to apply for a credit card, which didn't equal to the $20k. After this was done my credit was hit at least 5 times for credit card inquiries of which I didn't know that this would be part of the $20k. They charged 15% of what you actually get including the credit cards. I ended up getting $16k and had to pay $2400. I wish the process was explained in detail in the beginning. I really didn't want that many inquiries on my credit report. Customer service was ok. I think the process of obtaining the funds should be explained in detail. I had to take a picture of my screen to verify that I processed their payment. I thought that was odd.
very responsive and helpful and proffesional. I could not obtain a loan on my own I couldn't belive they go the money for me. Kinda expensive though but its better than no money
They got it right! Recently I was looking for capital to expand my business. I explored the usual avenues and received the unwanted rejections. Just when I was about to give up on the idea of getting funds I ran across Iron Capital. I had never heard of them and did not know what they did. I am happy to say that now I do. After explaining my situation the representative quickly offered up solutions to address my immediate need. I was taken back by how he was able to steer me into a direction that would answer my needs. Not only did the representative work with me, he is supported by a team that walks you thru the process, step by step. The best was to describe the experience is a friendly financial GPS device. You were never scolded for taking a wrong turn, they simply recalculated your path. I recommend using Iron Capital's services to anyone in need of financing.
I liked working with this company because they took the time to talk to me about what I needed and gave me options. I went to a few other places that I found online but didnt have the same confidence I had like when I spoke to Iron Capital. They did a good job and were incredibly knowledgeable. It's been so hard and I was so tired of getting the run around. This guy found me a yes after hearing no so many times. Because of that I am grateful and took the time to write a nice review.
I had a very pleasant and quick experience with all the people at Iron Capital Group. I would definitely recommend Oscar, Michael & Erin to any business that is just starting and doesn't have a business credit score yet and needs help obtaining start up capital for their business. I am very grateful for all their help. Keep up the good Customer Service guys. 
read contract!!! A lot of shady things in it. You do all the work for them. Sent me to Navy Federal and Pentagon Federal to get my own accounts and charged me 15%. $1000 dollar cancellation fee. $1000 dollar fee if you shop around for lender. Rude and will call and email you more than 3 times a day

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