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Not sure why they got an F but their has to be a reason. What I can say is I called and got a guy with a heavy foreign accent. He didn't comprehend English well and didn't understand how to answer my questions. Don't like dealing with companies like that. I also don't approve of their pay day advance re-borrowing policy. They want to take your $$ right away but make you wait 5 days to get it again? Most people can't afford to do their cooling off period including me. I had a very bad experience with 2 other online companies like them with the same stupid policy. I paid them off and closed the account refusing to do business with anyone like this again. I won't deal with companies like this especially on line. I think I'll look for another lender hopefully one more reputable than this hack of a company proves to be. Thank God for the BBB having these places on their site whether they're members or not. Keeps people like me in need of cash from making a critical mistake.


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